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High in strength & corrosion resistant due to quality material with zinc coating. It’s very easy & fast to use so it saves labour, most important quality time & hence money It requires only a drill machine with one Magnetic socket for any DIY/Professional/Industrial, commercial & home works. For heavy duty works like roofing sheet installation & others require drill machine of minimum 600 watts & above. Because of its easy & fast application it is used in wide number of applications like roofing sheet installation, Shed preparation, Insulation, Coverage of shed with metal sheet, Mosquito net fitting etc. Size of the screw depends upon the Thickness of the material, choose correct size for your application.

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Product Specifications

Drive System External Hex
Head Style Hex
Head Type Socket
Material Carbon Steel
Measurement System Metric
Number of Items 1000
Size 10x19

Specification for this product family

Brand Name L F
Part Number HexSelfDrill Screw

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